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A Vague Disquiet

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A Vague Disquiet

A Vague Disquiet has been played on NTS shows including Kutmah Presents: Sketchbook Radio, with The Lower Lifestyles first played on 22 September 2021.

A Vague Disquiet combine analog synths, drum machines, bass, guitar, and vocals - along with a taste for minimal synth and synth-pop, early industrial and power-electronics, psychedelic and shoegazer, death rock and positive punk, and drone and doom, to create primitive, out of sync recordings, filled with sleaze, basements, sex, circles, grimy taquerias, alleys, nightclubs, pleasure, high art, and chills. As a follow-up to their tracks on the Weird Records compilation, AVD are busy readying a full album for release, sometime…

The Lower Lifestyles
A Vague Disquiet
Wierd Records2006
The Lower Lifestyles
A Vague DisquietWierd Records2006