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Ollie Halsall

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Ollie Halsall

Ollie Halsall has been played on NTS in shows including The NTS Breakfast Show , featured first on 18 October 2021. Songs played include Somebody Mean.

Guitarist Peter "Ollie" Halsall (14 March 1949 - 29 May 1992) was born in Southport, England. He came to London in 1967 to play vibraphone with pop-rock outfit Timebox (which included bassist Clive Griffiths and keyboard wizard 'Professor' Chris Holmes. Ollie took up guitar and they acquired the legendary Mike Patto on vocals and finally drummer 'Admiral' John Halsey. In 1970, following the departure of Holmes, Timebox evolved into Patto. They played a unique blend of 'progressive' jazz-rock (for…

Somebody Mean
Ollie Halsall
Market Square2017
Somebody Mean
Ollie HalsallMarket Square2017