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Richy Kicklighter

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Richy Kicklighter

Richy Kicklighter has been played on NTS shows including Doing Time , with In The Wind first played on 17 October 2021.

writes and play blues ,r&b jazz, worldbeat, reggae and r&b funk.Has 9 cds released internationally that receive airplay on both radio and tv around the world. Known for soulful, melodic blues/jazz guitar instrumentals on both electric and acoustic guitars.Lives in Sarasota Florida with his wife and 2 boys and has his own band the Richy Kicklighter Group. Also plays with Big T and The Tornadoes a very popular blues band and does a solo acoustic blues and jazz mixed with worldbeat.Currently his music…

In The Wind
Richy Kicklighter
Ichiban Records1988
In The Wind
Richy KicklighterIchiban Records1988