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The Jury

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The Jury

The Jury has been played on NTS shows including Athenian Marketplace , with Who Dat? first played on 22 October 2021.

There is more than one artist named The Jury:

1) Winnipeg, MB band from the sixties consisting of Ray Stockwell (drums), Bruce Walker (lead vocals), Roland "Termite" Blaquiere (bass guitar), George Johns (rhythm guitar) and Terry Kenny (lead guitar).

2) The Jury was a Leadbelly cover band featuring members of Nirvana and the Screaming Trees.

Kurt Cobain - Guitar, Vocals Mark Lanegan - Guitar, Vocals Krist Novoselic - Bass, Backing vocals Mark Pickerel - Drums

The four musicians initially gathered at Nirvana’s practice space, rehearsing Leadbelly songs they’d each…

Who Dat?
The Jury
Who Dat?
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