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The Steinways

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The Steinways

The Steinways has been played on NTS in shows including CCC & Shells, featured first on 22 October 2021. Songs played include Don't Wonder Why.

There are two bands calling themselves The Steinways.

A) The most recent band calling themselves The Steinways are a group of four individuals who formed out of the ashes of The Kevins, Shy Guys, Overlooked, Abducted, and several other bands. The Steinways have been writing songs about cheeseburgers and performing them in front of audiences since May of 2003.

The Queens, NY based groups first demo, Bear vs. Man, was released in the summer of 2003 and was reviewed favorably…

Don't Wonder Why
The Steinways
Oliver Records1966
Don't Wonder Why
The SteinwaysOliver Records1966