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Hunters & Collectors

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Hunters & Collectors

Hunters & Collectors has been played on NTS in shows including All Styles All Smiles, featured first on 25 October 2021. Songs played include Talking To A Stranger.

Hunters & Collectors were an Australian Rock band, formed in 1981 in Melbourne, who were originally influenced by German experimentalists like Can and later leaning more towards popular rock. Taking their name from a Can song, the band was formed by Mark Seymour (guitar, vocals), John Archer (bass), Doug Falconer (drums), Geoff Crosby (keyboards), Greg Perano (percussion), Ray Tosti-Gueira (guitar), and Robert Miles (sound engineer and art director, considered a full member).

After recording their first album, which…

Talking To A Stranger
Hunters And Collectors
OZ Records1982
Talking To A Stranger
Hunters And CollectorsOZ Records1982