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Keith Morris

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Keith Morris

Keith Morris has been played on NTS in shows including Architects w/ Alex Kelman, featured first on 26 October 2021. Songs played include Sha-La-La (Howling At The Moon).

Keith Morris born September 18, 1955 was the co-founder and former lead singer of the punk rock band Black Flag along with guitarist Greg Ginn. He left after the Nervous Breakdown EP and formed Circle Jerks. After their short-lived breakup he led the band Midget Handjob. He did background vocals on "Operation Rescue", from Bad Religion's 1990 album Against the Grain. In 1999, he was diagnosed with adult onset diabetes and many of his friends held benefit…

Sha-La-La (Howling At The Moon)
Buglamp, Keith Morris
Triple X Records1991
Sha-La-La (Howling At The Moon)
Buglamp, Keith MorrisTriple X Records1991