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Red Shift

Red Shift has been played on NTS in shows including Jonny Mons, featured first on 26 October 2021. Songs played include Himalayas.

There are at least five artists with the name Red Shift:

1) an English folk band of the 1980s 2) a US trance duo 3) a US indie rock band 4) a US rock band. 5) a Canadian Minimal Synth group from Montreal from the 1980s

1) Red Shift were a political folk band formed in England in the 1980s and including such folk luminaries as Pete Coe and Gina Le Faux. They made their official debut at the Sidmouth Festival (Devon, England) in 1985.

John Adams joined Red Shift…

Red Shift
Terraform Records1995
Red ShiftTerraform Records1995