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Dr. Atomic

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Dr. Atomic

Dr. Atomic has been played on NTS shows including Kasra V, with Schudelfloss (Original Full-On Goof Bump Mix) first played on 29 October 2021.

There are two Dr. Atomic's roaming the earth. No one knows if they were part of the same genetic engineering experiment in the underground bases of Area 51, or spliced in a secret lab near Frankfurt. What IS known is that one exists in Beijing, China (formerly of various parts USA) and that another bounces around the European continent. Will these two alter ego individuals eventually cancel each other out? Only time will tell.

Dr Atomic - Los Angeles, Olympia, Beijing -…

Schudelfloss (Original Full-On Goof Bump Mix)
Dr. Atomic
Schudelfloss (Original Full-On Goof Bump Mix)
Dr. AtomicGuerilla1992