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Paolo Angeli

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Paolo Angeli

Paolo Angeli has been played on NTS shows including Zel Zele w/ Debora Ipekel & Ece Duzgit, with Hunting Bears (Trilogia Del Tempo) first played on 2 November 2021.

His first encounters with music were in an abandoned bus on the outskirts of northern Sardinia…. He then learned the rudiments of guitar playing from his father. Although "Aspiring to a command post in the merchant marine" at La Maddalena Nautical Istitute, he decided to abandon that career and moved to Bologna in 1989. Within the walls of an occupied university, he began playing with the Laboratorio di Musica & Immagine and a handful of musicians who…

Hunting Bears (Trilogia Del Tempo)
Paolo Angeli
ReR Megacorp, AnMa Productions2019
Hunting Bears (Trilogia Del Tempo)
Paolo AngeliReR Megacorp, AnMa Productions2019