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DJ Tandu

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DJ Tandu

DJ Tandu has been played on NTS shows including Public Order w/ Jlte & Lawson Benn, with Singularity (Brainchild II) (Radio Edit) first played on 22 October 2021.

Ingo Kunzi, alias Dj Tandu was born in Stuttgart, Germany on 7th November, 1966. It took Him hardly any time to get into the field of production and he found himself producing music by 1984.

As member of the formation "Intrance feat. D-Sign" Dj Tandu Succeeded with the title "Te Quierro" i 1993 and entered the German single sales chart, at a time, as the electronic music not yet ubiquitous was. His solo debut single came in…

Singularity (Brainchild II) (Radio Edit)
DJ Tandu, Ayla
Unsubmissive Records2000
Singularity (Brainchild II) (Radio Edit)
DJ Tandu, AylaUnsubmissive Records2000