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Rat At Rat R

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Rat At Rat R

Rat At Rat R has been played on NTS in shows including Aldous RH , featured first on 8 November 2021. Songs played include Assassin.

Noise-rock quartet Rat at Rat R was formed in 1981 by guitarist Victor Poison-tete. Originally hailing from Philadelphia, the band soon relocated to New York City's Lower East Side and became one of the highlights of the NYC noise-rock scene. With Sonic Youth, Live Skull and Swans among their contemporaries, the music of Rat at Rat R can best be described as no wave guitar-oriented noise music.

Rat at Rat R has strong links to New York City's avant-garde composer Glenn…

Rat At Rat R
Neutral Records1985
Rat At Rat RNeutral Records1985