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The Pork Dukes

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The Pork Dukes

The Pork Dukes has been played on NTS in shows including Yesterday's News, featured first on 3 November 2021. Songs played include My Mother Gave Me A Gun For Xmas.

The band was originally comprised of twin brothers and former Gnidrolog members Colin Goldring (vocals / guitar) and Stewart Goldring (guitar / vocals) using the pseudonyms Vilos and Horrendus Styles, respectively – alongside Scabs (bass guitar), Germun LePig (drums) (later replaced by Bonk aka. Rocky Rhythm) and Mack E. Valley (keyboards. He was later replaced by Guardian Angel prior partway through the recording sessions for the second album.

Combining a Buzzcocks-style pop punk sound with bawdy…

My Mother Gave Me A Gun For Xmas
The Pork Dukes
Vinyl Japan1999
My Mother Gave Me A Gun For Xmas
The Pork DukesVinyl Japan1999