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Injegul Saburova

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Injegul Saburova

Injegul Saburova has been played on NTS in shows including The NTS Guide to…, featured first on 11 November 2021. Songs played include Sen Yar Gedeli.

Injegul Saburova is from Karakalpakstan (North-west Uzbekistan). She is one of the few Karakalpak women who play the ghirjek (spike fiddle). She learned the instrument from an uncle who, having no sons, broke with tradition and took her as his pupil.

Sen Yar Gedeli
Injegul Saburova, Ziyada Sheripova
Smithsonian Folkways2007
Sen Yar Gedeli
Injegul Saburova, Ziyada SheripovaSmithsonian Folkways2007