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Ziyada Sheripova

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Ziyada Sheripova

Ziyada Sheripova has been played on NTS shows including The NTS Guide to…, with Sen Yar Gedeli first played on 11 November 2021.

Ziyada Sheripova (also written Zioda Sharipova) is a singer and dutar player from the Karakalpakstan region in North-west Uzbekistan. With her refined, richly ornamented delivery she has created a personal and distinctive style-now emulated by younger women, within a performance genre that was traditionally the purview of men.

Sen Yar Gedeli
Injegul Saburova, Ziyada Sheripova
Smithsonian Folkways2007
Sen Yar Gedeli
Injegul Saburova, Ziyada SheripovaSmithsonian Folkways2007