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Abdurahim Hamidov

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Abdurahim Hamidov

Abdurahim Hamidov has been played on NTS shows including The NTS Guide to…, with Meskin II first played on 11 November 2021.

Abdurahim Hamidov (also spelled Abdorahim Hamidov; Cyrillic: Абдурахим Хамидов, ) was born in 1952 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. His ancestors were merchants and caravaners, and his father and grandfather were mullahs. He began learning music at the age of six by singing the entire repertoire of children's songs. A year later he began playing the rabab, a long-necked lute; and at age nine he developed a passion for the dutar, another type of long-necked lute, and had his first lessons on it. His repertoire…

Meskin II
Abdurahim Hamidov, Shuhrat Razzaqov
Smithsonian Folkways2002
Meskin II
Abdurahim Hamidov, Shuhrat RazzaqovSmithsonian Folkways2002