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Pretty Girls Make Graves

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Pretty Girls Make Graves

Pretty Girls Make Graves has been played on NTS in shows including Louise Chen , featured first on 16 November 2021. Songs played include Head South.

Pretty Girls Make Graves was an American indie rock band which formed in 2001 in Seattle, Washington, United States and intitally consisted of Andrea Zollo (vocals), Derek Fudesco (bass, vocals), Jay Clark (guitar, keybards), Nathan Thelen (guitar) and Nick Dewitt (drums). Thelen left in 2004 and that same year, keyboardist Leona Marrs joined the band. In 2007, the band broke up partially due to Dewitt's decision to leave the band (although he would play with the band through their…

Head South
Pretty Girls Make Graves
Dim Mak Records2001
Head South
Pretty Girls Make GravesDim Mak Records2001