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Big Ups

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Big Ups

Big Ups has been played on NTS shows including Louise Chen , with Meet Where We Are first played on 16 November 2021.

Big Ups are a punk rock band from New York City formed in September 2010. The band is comprised of drummer Brendan Finn, vocalist Joe Galarraga, guitarist Amar Lal, and bassist Carlos Salguero Jr.

They played their first show on the roof of Joe's apartment building because no one would book them. Since then, they've been playing all over the city- in bars, basements, kitchens, and backyards.

The songs are about love, alienation, indecisiveness, comics, and high fives; they're singable, but mosh…

Meet Where We Are
Big Ups
Exploding In Sound Records2016
Meet Where We Are
Big UpsExploding In Sound Records2016