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John Carter

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John Carter

John Carter has been played on NTS in shows including Mild Animals, featured first on 20 February 2015. Songs played include The Elephant Song.

There are at least two artists with this name: an American jazz musician and a British musician.

John Wallace Carter (24 September 1928–31 March 1991) was an American jazz clarinet, saxophone, and flute player.

John Carter was born in Fort Worth, where he played with Ornette Coleman and Charles Moffett in the 1940s. From 1961, Carter was based on the West Coast. There he met Bobby Bradford in 1965, with whom he subsequently worked on a number of projects. He also played…

The Elephant Song
Philwit And Pegasus, John Carter
The Elephant Song
Philwit And Pegasus, John CarterColumbia1971