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Jean-François Laporte

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Jean-François Laporte

Jean-François Laporte has been played on NTS shows including Rough Version, with Dans Le Ventre Du Dragon first played on 23 March 2020.

Although he has studied composition in formal contexts, including L’Université de Montréal, with Marcelle Deschênes; and IRCAM 2002-03, with courses in composistion and music technology, Jean-François Laporte is more of a visceral, intuitive composer. His artistic formation, however, is more experiential in origin, with an active focus on the natural state of each sound. At once both a constant inventor of instruments, and a creator of sound installations since 2000, Laporte hasn’t yet abandoned the possibilities afforded by traditional instruments as well….

Dans Le Ventre Du Dragon
Jean-François Laporte
Dans Le Ventre Du Dragon
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