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Infant Island

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Infant Island

Infant Island has been played on NTS in shows including Enter the Noid w/ Ringtones, featured first on 28 November 2021. Songs played include Colossal Air (Instrumental).

Infant Island is a screamo band formed in 2016 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. It originally consisted of vocalist Daniel Kost, guitarist/vocalist Alexander Rudenshiold (aka CERBE), bassist Kyle Guerra (aka Yajirobe), and drummer James Rakestraw. In 2018, Rakestraw left the band and was replaced by Austin O'Rourke. Winston Givler (aka Shedding Teeth) joined the band in 2019 as an additional guitarist. Rudenshiold is also in Maidenhair, Mattachine, and Sylph. Guerra, Givler, and O'Rourke are also the members of smallhands. O'Rourke…

Colossal Air (Instrumental)
Infant Island
Dog Knights Productions2020
Colossal Air (Instrumental)
Infant IslandDog Knights Productions2020