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The Trash Can Sinatras

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The Trash Can Sinatras

The Trash Can Sinatras has been played on NTS shows including Whodis? w/ 56 DJs, with Only Tongue Can Tell first played on 18 November 2021.

Trashcan Sinatras is a Scottish band that was formed in Irvine, Scotland in 1986. The band name is generally stylized as The Trash Can Sinatras for releases through A Happy Pocket and as Trashcan Sinatras for releases beginning with Weightlifting. The band consists of Francis Reader (vocals, guitar), Paul Livingston (guitar), John Douglas (guitar, vocals), Frank Divanna (bass), Stevie Mulhearn (keyboards) and Stephen Douglas (drums).

Formation The band members met through the club/pub music scene in Irvine. The name was…

Only Tongue Can Tell
The Trash Can Sinatras
Go! Discs1990
Only Tongue Can Tell
The Trash Can SinatrasGo! Discs1990