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The Rats

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The Rats

There are at least 6 bands called The Rats

1) The Rats were an American garage punk band from Portland, Oregon, formed by Fred Cole from the garage rock band The Lollipop Shoppe. Cole played guitar and sang, his wife Toody played bass and sang, and initially Rod Rat played drums. Their sound was a raw mix of punk rock and garage rock with occasional country touches. Their self-titled debut album appeared on Cole's Whizeagle label in 1980. Soon after, Rod Rat left the band, though he guested on the 1981 follow-up Intermittent Signals before his death by suicide. Sam Henry, formerly of the Wipers,…

The Rats Revenge Pt. 1
The Rats
Norton Records2005
The Rats Revenge Pt. 1
The RatsNorton Records2005