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Don Kikas

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Don Kikas

Don Kikas has been played on NTS shows including The NTS Breakfast Show w/ Zakia, with Kassumbulas Da Vida first played on 19 November 2021.

Don Kikas, born Emílio Camilo de Carvalho, is an Angolan singer from the city of Sumbe in the southern Angolan province of Cuanza Sul.

Early life

In his early days as a child his parents moved to Brazil where he started to take a liking on music and dreaming of becoming a singer. At the age of 8, he was assisted by his mom in writing his first song. He would attend a few singing contests and as he walked…

Kassumbulas Da Vida
Don Kikas feat. Bonga
Bamboo Land Productions2006
Kassumbulas Da Vida
Don Kikas feat. BongaBamboo Land Productions2006