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Kalwi & Remi

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Kalwi & Remi

Kalwi & Remi has been played on NTS in shows including Bladee, featured first on 19 November 2021. Songs played include Explosion (Video).

Kalwi (Krzysztof Kalwat) and Remi (Remi Pospiech) have worked in show business for a few years as radio presenters. They met in autumn of 2003 in RMI FM radio in Poznań (Poland). At the time they were carrying out popular programmes for young people based on club music. They were the first in this part of Europe to play on the radio exactly the music that could be heard only in the best clubs. Their work was so similar that it was…

Explosion (Video)
My Music2006
Explosion (Video)
Kalwi&RemiMy Music2006