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DJ Sakin & Friends

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DJ Sakin & Friends

DJ Sakin & Friends has been played on NTS shows including Bladee Radio , with Protect Your Mind first played on 19 November 2021.

Since 1990, DJ Sakin has been turning vinyls. He was a DJ in the most popular Clubs Resident, among others in the Wartburg (Wiesbaden/1990) and later until 1993 in the MusicHall (Frankfurt). That is where some other well-known DJs such as Michael Münzing (Snap), Taucher or Mark Spoon also started their career. At the age of 16, Sakin began with DJing, he had always wanted to play music and DJing was his biggest dream! His sets comprise trancy sounds and hard beat….

Protect Your Mind
Sakin & Friends
Planet Love Records1997
Protect Your Mind
Sakin & FriendsPlanet Love Records1997