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Halo Of Kitten

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Halo Of Kitten

Halo Of Kitten has been played on NTS shows including Athenian Marketplace , with I Hate Porn first played on 19 November 2021.

Halo of Kitten was a project involving the noise rock band Halo Of Flies and Julie Cafritz (from Pussy Galore, Action Swingers, Free Kitten and S T P). Together they released only one song, "I Hate Porn", which appears in a split single with Hammerhead (Porn #1, Amphetamine Reptile Records) and in two compilations LP (Screwed OST and AmRep Motors 1995 Models Sampler CD, both by Amphetamine Reptile Records).

I Hate Porn
Halo Of Kitten
Amphetamine Reptile Records1995
I Hate Porn
Halo Of KittenAmphetamine Reptile Records1995