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Jack The Ripper

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Jack The Ripper

Jack The Ripper has been played on NTS in shows including High Noon w/ Dina J, featured first on 19 November 2021. Songs played include I Was A Teenage Brain Surgeon.

1.Jack The Ripper forms part of these formations which skilfully knew to transcend their poisonous influences come straight of Nick Cave through melodies elegant, melancholic persons and tinted of a dark and slightly obsolete romanticism, that French would not have known to evoke with as much intensity. It is into 1995 that eight Parisian musicians decide to found the group Jack The Ripper. This Christian name is heavy direction, since it is also the…

I Was A Teenage Brain Surgeon
Jack The Ripper
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I Was A Teenage Brain Surgeon
Jack The RipperHee Hee Hee0