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Political Asylum

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Political Asylum

Political Asylum has been played on NTS in shows including Yesterday's News, featured first on 17 November 2021. Songs played include Do They Care.

Political Asylum was formed in February '82 by Ramsey Kanaan and Stephen Brown, and hailed from Stirling, Scotland. They played melodic punk with Ramsey's distinctive voice

"In 1986, we played a couple of gigs in the Birmingham area. Our support band was someone we had never heard before, but whom we fell about laughing when we heard soundcheck. They were called Napalm death….The main musical influences on the band were probably Husker Du, Rush, and the late Randy Rhoads. This was added…

Do They Care
Political Asylum
Children Of The Revolution Records1985
Do They Care
Political AsylumChildren Of The Revolution Records1985