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Hardcore Masterz Vienna

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Hardcore Masterz Vienna

Hardcore Masterz Vienna has been played on NTS shows including We R All Egyptians' w/ Jondo, with Salvation (Original) first played on 6 January 2014.

2 talented producers/deejays from Vienna, Austria. Real names: Robert Moispointner, Roman Malcsik

How old are you? and where did you grow up? Where are you based now? Roman: I am 27, and i grew up in Austria (Vienna), and i am still here. Robert: I am 24, and i also grew up in Austria (Mödling) and now i live in Vienna.

How long have you been producing music?

Roman: I occupy myself with music since many years. Since 4 years we produce your own…

Salvation (Original)
Hardcore Masterz Vienna
Megarave Records2012
Salvation (Original)
Hardcore Masterz ViennaMegarave Records2012