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Andrea Lynn

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Andrea Lynn

Andrea Lynn has been played on NTS in shows including Soup To Nuts w/ John Gómez, featured first on 6 December 2021. Songs played include Feel Your Love (Mix 1).

There’s something reassuring about Andrea Lynn’s strong, hopeful vocal and steady, guitar-driven instrumentation. Her acoustic folk/pop/rock style, powered by commanding stage presence and vocals, is part of what brings audiences back for more.

Andrea’s musical beginnings trace back to high school when she picked up her dad’s Montaya guitar. With fumbling fingers she soon mastered Silent Night, and later took to composing her own melodic delights.

The release of Andrea's debut album, "Butterfly Wings," recorded…

Feel Your Love (Mix 1)
Andrea Lynn
Sanity Records1983
Feel Your Love (Mix 1)
Andrea LynnSanity Records1983