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Matthew Bower

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Matthew Bower

Matthew Bower is a British musician, active since the early 1980s, with a vast collection of collaborative work including Black Sun Roof, Chrome Sunroof!, Erzulie Scorpione, Pure, Skullflower, Sunlayer, Hototogisu, Total, Valley Of Fear, Voltigeurs, Youngsbower, …

Starting with Pure, a power electronics collaboration with Alex Binnie and Alex Winsor. After the break up of Pure, he recorded under the name Total, from 1984-7, and then as a solo vehicle from 1991-2000, on labels such as Majora, VHF, American Tapes (run by John Olson of Wolf Eyes), Self Abuse and Freek as well as appearing on Virgin's Isolationism compilation. Bower formed Skullflower in 1988, one…