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Los Hermanos Castro

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Los Hermanos Castro

Los Hermanos Castro has been played on NTS shows including Como La Flor w/ Jazmin , with Con Tinta Roja first played on 31 August 2020.

Los Hermanos Castro was a Mexican close-harmony singing group.

The Castro Brothers were famous for their four-part harmony with Gualberto’s countertenor / tenor voice often singing lead. Later, their first cousin, Benito Castro entered the group as a musician and a singer, but he gradually turned into a comedian like his late father, Arturo "Bigotón" Castro. They recorded numerous albums; one of their most famous hits, "Yo sin ti", written and arranged by Arturo Castro, became a popular song throughout…

Con Tinta Roja
Hermanos Castro
Music Center2003
Con Tinta Roja
Hermanos CastroMusic Center2003