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Dan Gisen Malmquist

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Dan Gisen Malmquist

Dan Gisen Malmquist was first played on NTS on 4 January 2022. Songs played include Månvalsen.

Swedish Composer and clarinet player, Dan Gisen Malmquist, has been playing and composing music for the past twenty years. He has his own characteristic tone as a musician and a very distinct feeling for melody as a composer.

Gisen started out in the early 70's playing American jazz together with Ale Möller and several other musicians at Jazzådé, a club in Malmö which is in the south of Sweden. Ale Möller has with time become Swedens most recognised multi-instrumentalist and is now, together with folk singer, Lena Willemark, well known…

Dan Gisen Malmquist
Know How Records1991
Dan Gisen MalmquistKnow How Records1991