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Ken Muramatsu

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Ken Muramatsu

Ken Muramatsu has been played on NTS in shows including Wave Flower w/ Yuka Mizuhara, featured first on 4 January 2022. Songs played include Summer Lament (Early Morning Avenue).

Ken Muramatsu - born in Tokyo on May 9, 1962 - is a pianist, a composer and a multi-player. Through Sugamo high school, graduated from Seijo university. The pianist who plays his own work, debuted on 1983 when he was a student in the university. His sounds have been used widely with the commercials, or for BGM of the a TV/Radio program and so on (mainly in Japan). The concert is sporadically hold around Japan. His…

Summer Lament (Early Morning Avenue)
Ken Muramatsu
Summer Lament (Early Morning Avenue)
Ken MuramatsuCBS/Sony1983