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Die Selektion

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Die Selektion

Die Selektion has been played on NTS in shows including Axcess Amnesia w/ Jenny Sayaka Nono, featured first on 24 December 2021. Songs played include Muskelberg (kkoee's Muscle-Funk Remix).

Cold synthie lines, analogue sounds, a dynamic trumpet and a strong, leading voice. Influenced by the dark side of the 80s Minimal / New Wave, Die Selektion sound familiar to bands like Schwefelgelb, Nitzer Ebb, 1000 robota or partly Hurts.

Die Selektion are

Hannes Rief / Trumpet, Choirs & Glockenspiel

Samuel Savenberg / Synth, Sequencers & Bass

Luca Gillian / Lead Vocals & Synthesizer


02/2011 - "Kühle Lippen" - EP, CD || 50 copies 04/2011- "NOIRE" - EP, Cassette || 100…

Muskelberg (kkoee's Muscle-Funk Remix)
Die Selektion (kkoee mix)
aufnahme + wiedergabe2012
Muskelberg (kkoee's Muscle-Funk Remix)
Die Selektion (kkoee mix)aufnahme + wiedergabe2012