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Four 80 East

Four 80 East has been played on NTS shows including The Early Bird Show w/ Spirit Blue, with Speak Easy first played on 6 January 2022.

Toronto-based Four80East is actually a studio side-project for Rob DeBoer (piano, guitar, bass, programming) and Tony Grace (drums, programming), who, along with Grace's brother Paul, run Boomtang Records. Four80East developed over several years, between Grace and DeBoer's remix schedule(for the likes of Econoline Crush, Amanda Marshall, Corey Hart, Wild Strawberries, Philosopher Kings, and Ashley MacIsaac) and their other project, the pop band the Boomtang Boys. Four80East started as an outlet of pure fun to play a sort of loose,…

Speak Easy
Four 80 East
Boomtang Records1997
Speak Easy
Four 80 EastBoomtang Records1997