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Darcy Clay

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Darcy Clay

Darcy Clay was first played on NTS on 9 January 2022. Songs played include And It Was Easy.

Darcy Clay (real name Daniel Bolton) was a New Zealand singer/songwriter, who was made famous in 1997 for his minor hit, Jesus I Was Evil, in which he recorded all instruments in his bedroom on a 4-Track recorder. He was signed to Antenna Records, and possibly was Antenna's first real star. Clay's entire career output consisted of two six track EPs, Jesus I Was Evil and (posthumously) a live EP Songs For Beethoven, recorded on DAT tape when he opened for Blur's 1997 New Zealand performance (including…

And It Was Easy
Darcy Clay
Clarcy Corp, Antenna Recordings1997
And It Was Easy
Darcy ClayClarcy Corp, Antenna Recordings1997