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The Sour Notes

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The Sour Notes

The Sour Notes has been played on NTS shows including The Last Playlist w/ Luis Felipe Farfán, with When I Saw You first played on 27 January 2022.

"Outside of a DIY aesthetic, The Sour Notes' origin as a solo bedroom project is buried pretty deep beneath its incredibly upbeat live show. With ambitious hooks and synth-based brittle pop tunes, the Texan quintet understand fun." - NXNE

"Never short on hooks or ambition, The Sour Notes play brittle pop for star-crossed post-grads… On rising tides of lonesome guitars & glimmering synths, the band builds its postmillennial laments, occasionally nodding to Krautrock & frequently conceding to soundtrack-worthy…

When I Saw You
The Sour Notes
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When I Saw You
The Sour NotesNo Play Music2018