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Tim Wright

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Tim Wright

Tim Wright has been played on NTS in shows including Ted Draws, featured first on 8 March 2022. Songs played include Hold On.

Tim Wright, aka Tube Jerk, Sand, Germ ,etc, shares a name with another Tim Wright: alias CoLD SToRAGE, a British musician most famous for his work in video game soundtracks such as Wipeout.

Tim is capable of turning his hand to just about anything. From techno, electro, garage, hip hop, punk and beyond this York based multi-genre-ist fuses sounds and styles like a musical magpie with a taste for circuit boards and gold-plated plugs.

His ascent from bedroom enthusiast to acclaimed artist was, as…

Hold On
Tim Wright, Little Brother
Line Records1992
Hold On
Tim Wright, Little BrotherLine Records1992