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C-Rayz Walz

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C-Rayz Walz

C-Rayz Walz has been played on NTS shows including Ted Draws, with Street Reppin' first played on 8 March 2022.

C-Rayz Walz is a rapper from New York. He is a former member of New York hip hop alliance Stronghold along with L.I.F.E. Long. He left the underground record label Definitive Jux in June 2006 and is rumored to be on Uncle Howie record co. As well as releasing four LPs and one EP, he has appeared on many other rappers' records, including Aesop Rock and Immortal Technique, and has done work with such artists as Percee P. Immortal Technique is reputed - by Walz…

Street Reppin'
C-Rayz Walz feat. Vordul Mega
Definitive Jux2005
Street Reppin'
C-Rayz Walz feat. Vordul MegaDefinitive Jux2005