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Cathy Burton

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Cathy Burton

Cathy Burton was first played on NTS on 10 March 2022. Songs played include Empty Echoing (Extended Mix).

When it comes to strategy, we all know the value of playing to our strengths. Yet in a world populated by single-virtue personalities and monochrome brands things seem a little dull from time to time. So when an artist shows up with a truly broad pallet from which to paint, we queue up to sit around and watch it take shape.

Enter Cathy Burton: songwriter - performer - scholar - teacher - pupil - and all the rest that you could possibly hope for. A voice that hurts…

Empty Echoing (Extended Mix)
SoundLift, RedSound, Cathy Burton
Amsterdam Trance Records2019
Empty Echoing (Extended Mix)
SoundLift, RedSound, Cathy BurtonAmsterdam Trance Records2019