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Zbigniew Karkowski

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Zbigniew Karkowski

Zbigniew Karkowski has been played on NTS in shows including Slime w/ Little, featured first on 24 April 2022. Songs played include Live Basel 2012.

Composer of CONTEMPORARY MUSIC, AMBIENT and HARSH NOISE. Was born in Krakow, Poland, but emigrated as a teenager, and afterwards lived in, among others Gothenburg, Sweden; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Berlin, Germany; Paris, France; Los Angeles, USA; and Tokyo, Japan. He studied music and composition for many different teachers and composers in Poland, Sweden, France and Netherlands. From today's perspective he considers that the only teacher who taught him something real was Iannis Xenakis. Karkowski has presented his work in more…

Live Basel 2012
Zbigniew Karkowski, Julien Ottavi
Live Basel 2012
Zbigniew Karkowski, Julien OttaviSUPERPANG2020