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Fire! Orchestra

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Fire! Orchestra

Fire! Orchestra has been played on NTS shows including Carolina Soul, with At Last I Am Free first played on 29 April 2022.

Fire! is where Mats Gustafsson (The Thing), Johan Berthling (Tape) and drummer Andreas Werliin (Wildbirds & Peacedrums) go to stretch their instrumental skills and collaborate with prestigious guests like Jim O’Rourke and Oren Ambarchi.

Late one night by the end of 2011 Mats Gustafsson, Johan Berthling and Andreas Werliin got the crazy idea of expanding their trio Fire! into a 28-piece orchestra, inviting their Swedish friends from the worlds of jazz, improv and rock. In January 2012 “Exit!” was recorded in front…

At Last I Am Free
Fire! Orchestra
Rune Grammofon2019
At Last I Am Free
Fire! OrchestraRune Grammofon2019