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Magic Dirt

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Magic Dirt

Magic Dirt has been played on NTS shows including No Weapon Is Absolute, with Summer High first played on 3 May 2022.

Magic Dirt are an Australian rock band fronted by Adalita. Formed in 1992 in Geelong, Victoria, they are currently on hiatus following the tragic death of bassist Dean Turner to cancer. They are one of the longest running, critically acclaimed (although far from commercially successful) bands to have come out of the Australian music scene.

Magic Dirt have released 8 albums and 3 EPs during their career, balancing a fine line between improvisational noise and alternative rock, and remaining a staple of influential radio…

Summer High
Magic Dirt feat. Rowland S. Howard
Emergency Music2009
Summer High
Magic Dirt feat. Rowland S. HowardEmergency Music2009