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Goober & The Peas

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Goober & The Peas

Goober & The Peas has been played on NTS in shows including Perfect Sound Forever, featured first on 27 April 2022. Songs played include Loose Lips.

Goober & The Peas were a Country Rock band from Detroit, who released their first EP in 1990, they where active until around 1995. The bands members included 'Goober' Dan Miller, 'Junior' Tom Hendrickson Jr. , 'Shorty' Jim Currie, 'Boss Hoss' Mike Miller, 'Doc' aparently this place was filled by several people including for a short time Jack White (he the played the drums).

Loose Lips
Goober & The Peas
Detroit Municipal Recordings1994
Loose Lips
Goober & The PeasDetroit Municipal Recordings1994