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Angelica Maria

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Angelica Maria

Angelica Maria has been played on NTS shows including Carlos René, with Fiesta De Sociedad first played on 5 May 2022.

Incorrect name of the Artist. Correct: Angélica María

Angélica María (born María de los Ángeles Hartman Ortíz September 27, 1944 in New Orleans, Louisiana is an American-born Mexican actress, singer and songwriter.

Singing career

After a few musicals she asked for the assistance of her mother (who was also her manager) and with Armando Manzanero, then a new songwriter, they both performed the song Eddie Eddie which would eventually become her greatest musical success. Manzanero took Angélica to see a producer and the same year she released…

Fiesta De Sociedad
Los Dug Dug's, Angelica Maria
RCA Victor1968
Fiesta De Sociedad
Los Dug Dug's, Angelica MariaRCA Victor1968