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Yasunori Nishiki

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Yasunori Nishiki

Yasunori Nishiki has been played on NTS shows including Otaku, with Octopath Traveler -メインテーマ- first played on 6 May 2022.

Yasunori Nishiki (西木康智, Nishiki Yasunori, born July 10, 1985) is a Japanese composer and arranger, best known for his work on the soundtracks for Octopath Traveler and various music video game series developed by Bemani. He is currently a freelance composer, and has since produce soundtracks for both video games and anime.

Octopath Traveler -メインテーマ-
Yasunori Nishiki
Square Enix Music2018
Octopath Traveler -メインテーマ-
Yasunori NishikiSquare Enix Music2018