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Outlaw Order

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Outlaw Order

Outlaw Order has been played on NTS shows including Black Impulse, with Byproduct Of A Wrecked Society first played on 16 August 2014.

An Amplifier is a Terrible Thing to Waste (or taste, depending on how many teeth you lose when you dive head first into that cabinet out of sheer adrenaline.)

That having been said, Michael Nine and Joe Lacaze were sickly sitting idly in the sweltering heat recovering after another illicit substance fueled, bridge burning, finger breaking, strep throat inducing Eyehategod, coast to coast ultimate fighting championship, when Jimmy Bower, announces he's got tours and recording planned with Corrosion Of Conformity, Down and …

Byproduct Of A Wrecked Society
Outlaw Order
Southern Lord2003
Byproduct Of A Wrecked Society
Outlaw OrderSouthern Lord2003