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Polygamy Boys

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Polygamy Boys

Polygamy Boys has been played on NTS shows including Conor Thomas, with Wake Up first played on 18 November 2014.

Polygamy Boys (Michel Morin and Stephan Busche) both share a passion for Italo-disco, E.B.M. and electro. Around the same time that they began working on their first tracks together, they were looking for a pseudonym that reflected a mixture of these styles - something rude, yet humourous. When Stephan suggested the name “Polygamy Boys”, they burst into laughter and agreed that it was a perfect fit.

Polygamy Boys create raw and gritty, often sinister tracks - but they are never afraid to venture into playful and…

Wake Up
Polygamy Boys
Bunker Records2003
Wake Up
Polygamy BoysBunker Records2003